Mountain Fit Training

Mountain Fitness Assessment and 12 Week Mountain Fitness Plan 

A comprehensive fitness plan designed specifically for you. The plan will be designed taking into consideration of your goals, the challenge to be completed, your current fitness level, your exercise experience, and any medical conditions or injuries. Furthermore, we can show you how to train for Mountains when you don't live near any!

Package includes;

Comprehensive Gym Fitness Assessment

Goal Planning

12 week fitness plan

Gym fitness technique session specific to your plan and current fitness level.

Online and phone support for duration of your training plan

Duration 3 hours

Cost £150


Mountain Fitness Session (on the hills)

A mountain fitness session outside in the glorious Brecon Beacons.  Focus on any of the  following;

Appropriate Kit Selection and Equipment for your day.

Pacing strategies and finding the best intensity

Walking/Running Gait

Techniques for going up and coming down

Nutrition and Fuelling Strategies

Basic Navigation 

Get some mountain distance in the legs with one of our instructors

Full Day 6 Hours Cost 1:1 £250;  1:4 £65 per person

Half Day 3 hours 1:1 £150 1:4 £40


Mountain Fitness Day (In the Gym and On the Hills!)

A day to give you the tools required to achieve the best fitness for your challenge. The day starts at our gym in Cardiff with an initial fitness assessment and goal planning session. This will be followed by a gym session where you will be taken through the exercise techniques and components for your 12 week fitness regime.  Following a short lunch break we will head to the Brecon Beacons National park where we will undertake an outside session specific to your goals. This session would typically last 3-4 hours and involve walking, hiking or running specific to your goals, fitness level and training plan.


Gym Fitness Assessment

Goal Planning Session

12 week fitness plan

Gym fitness technique session specific to your plan and current fitness level.

Guided walking or running session in the Brecon Beacons

Advice on appropriate equipment for your challenge

Advice on nutritional strategy for training and challenge

Online and phone support for duration of your training plan

Duration 8 hours (Typically 9-5)

Cost £250


Basic Strength Training Techniques for runners, mountain sports and endurance athletes (In the Gym)

This is a comprehensive session focusing on correct exercise technique and selection to achieve your strength and fitness goals. By the end of the session you will be able to perform the appropriate gym based strength exercise techniques at the appropriate intensities relevant to your goals, fitness level and experience. This course is not only applicable to runners and mountain walkers it is also appropriate to anyone competing in endurance sports  such as Triathlon, Cycling, Adventure Racing, Charity Trekking and climbing.

The session includes;

Gym technique Session

Exercise Application Session

Takeaway Strength plan appropriate to your goals, fitness level and experience

Duration 3 hours

Cost £150


Physiotherapist Sessions (Gait Analysis and Injury Assessments)


Injury Assessment, Gait Analysis & Rehabilitation Exercise Plan

This session is for those who are injured and unable to exercise or are exercising with a niggle! They are led by our chartered physiotherapist.

Session includes;

Full Comprehensive Injury Assessment

Running/Walking Gait Analysis

Rehabilitation session

Rehabilitation and corective exxercise plan to follow

Duration 3-4 hours

Cost £200


Running/Walking Gait Analysis and injury prevention plan £200

This session is for those who are not injured but want to reduce their chances of picking up injuries. They are performed by our chartered physiotherapist. It is suitable for anyone from elite athlete to those just starting out .

The session includes;

Running/Walking Gait Analysis

Running Technique Session

Postural Assessment

Postural Correction and Corrective Strength Exercises


Takeaway home training plan designed specifically for you

Duration  3-4hours

Cost £200



Basic Navigation in the Mountains for runners and/or walkers

This course consists of a morning theory session followed by an afternoon practical session focusing entirely on basic navigation skills required to move safely and efficiently in the mountains.

Duration 8 hours (9-5) Cost 1:1 £200    1:4 £60



Running Assessment and 12 Week Fitness Plan 

This will provide you with a comprehensive running programme which will focus on hitting that PB for the big race. Whether it be 5k or 50 miles trail or tarmac our programmes will carefully blend all the aspects necessary for success into your programme. Intervals sessions, strength sessions and recovery sessions all make up crucial parts to a running programme that are often ignored. Our plans designed specifically for you based on your current running fitness test and goals.


Package includes;

Running Fitness Assessment

Goal Planning

Gait and Postural analysis performed by onsite physiotherapist

12 week running programme

Gym fitness technique provided by an expereinced running strength coach. 

Online and phone support for duration of your training plan

Duration 3 hours

Cost £150